Mt Stanley, vk3/ve126, 22nd June 2013

Well after much consideration I decided to return to Mt Stanley, this time armed with all the bits for the radio.

Since I can only claim activation points once per year per summit there were no points in it for me. But I did give the personnel satisfaction of another successful CW activation.

It was also great to have the chaser ready to go calling one after another, quickest CW activation for me.


Just to be different this time I took a CW keyboard, it has some limitations but all in all I was very happy with how it went and may well take it on a few more “short walk” summits.
Spread across the rock is, Keyboard, ATS4, LiPo Battery pack, SOTA tuner, CW keyboard, Mini Bushwhacker paddle.

6 thoughts on “Mt Stanley, vk3/ve126, 22nd June 2013

  1. Hi

    Nice gear. Waiting for the next release of ATS4 so I can get one myself.
    Is the lipo battery pack in the device that looks looks a solar cell ?


    • Hi Allen,
      Yes the ATS 4 is a great rig, I used a 2 thirds flat 9v battery at Pretty Sally and still made 6 contacts.

      Normally I use the LiPO in the photo, it has a DC-DC converter built in which gives a nominal 9 volts out. The solar panel is not an efficient way to charge it, the normal method is from a standard 5v usb charger.

      I will do a blog post with a few photos of the pack to better explain it
      73, Warren.

  2. Hi Warren, I am interested in activating Stanley, which route did you take? I have looked over the dirt tracks just wondering which is the best approach. I have a 4wd.
    Andrew, VK1NAM

    • Hi Andrew,
      Yes there are a few roads shown on the maps, but fortunately it is quite simple.

      If you have a look at the Google map of Stanley you will see the three way junction of Main Road, Myrtleford Stanley Road and Hillsborough Road, simply take Hillsborough road. It heads out past the Berry Farm and becomes dirt as you enter the pine plantation; soon afterwards you will find a road on your right sign posted Mt Stanley Road, simply take it and follow it all the way to the summit.
      If it has been wet the Mt Stanley road can become slippery.
      When dry 2wd is fine.

      I hope I can work you from the summit, 73, Warren.

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