Mt Nelse, vk3/ve-004, 27th Dec 2013

This was a revisit to the first summit I activated, In November of last year I chose Mt Nelse as my first SOTA activation. That activation also coincided with the KRMNPA weekend in VK3.



My first activation was memorable in a few ways, I broke the top section of my squid pole, I spent two hours on the summit call CQ (in CW) to obtain my four contacts I also made a park to park contact with Wayne vk3wam/p at Point Nepean National Park.

Guyed Squid Pole

Guyed Squid Pole

This time, well, I didn’t break the pole although it was another very windy day, with the increased number of chasers it only took 25 minutes to get my four CW contacts. In total I made 10 contacts including two repeats after UTC Mid Night

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