100 Activator Points

With 82 points in the bag I could not miss the chance for a double activation to bring me over the magical 100. Mt Cope VK3/VG-001 is an easy and picturesque walk and the second activation was the nearby Mt Mc Kay VK3/VE-007.


CW only activations require a bit more time on the summit however on the plus side the radios can be smaller and power consumption is less.

To achieve these 100 points I have made 87 CW contacts with 28 different stations I do have a few regulars as can be seen from the data collected from the SOTA Data Base.


My top activation chasers

I have also put together a graph showing the averaged time between contacts (BLUE) for each activation and the number of CW contacts made (RED) for each activation.


Interestingly whilst things are getting better for the CW only chaser the number of QSO’s is staying low.
Well enough looking back time to put the battery on charge and get the map out to see which summit is next.

4 thoughts on “100 Activator Points

  1. Yes well done. Some of those activations have a lot of waiting. I’ve been trying cw/ calling at each activation. So far. No cw contact. Yet

  2. Thanks Andrew and Andrew,
    Andrew 3bq, I suggest you leave the mic at home if you want cw contacts, or if time and timing permits come up before UTC midnight on CW then SSB after.

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