Portable Morse Keys

I have two keys I can take with my portable station.
The America Mores Equipment Mini B (on left) and the Palm Mini Paddle (on right)

I don’t have a favourite but I tend to take the Palm more often than the AME as the Palm packs away into its own little shell. On the other hand the AME is mechanically a little more robust when in use and I don’t tend to bump the lever quite as much and therefore send less random Dit’s and Dah’s.

The adjustment screws on the AME are exposed so it is possible to press these and unintentionally send Dit’s or Dah’s to overcome this and make the paddle a little easier to grip I have a thin piece of neoprene which I hold around the key with an elastic band.

I prefer a key that is not attached to the radio this allows me to put the radio to one side and only have the key and logging gear in front of me.

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