SOTA Beams Flight Deck with ATS, MTR and two different keys.

Field operations for the CW Op has it challenges. I had tried a few different ideas for a mini desktop so when I saw the SOTA Beams flight deck I was very impressed and ordered one.


MTR on Deck with Palm Single lever Paddle.

I have both an ATS4 and a first edition MTR. The ATS is a little bigger than the MTR and did not fit well with the MTR mounting holes. So I add two pairs of holes to allow the elastic bands to move out from underneath the ATS. They are easy to pick in the photo as I cannot drill square holes.



The ATS4 is also a little longer than the MTR and has the Volume control, headphones and key socket on the right hand end. To make space I have moved the key down the deck. This is fine with the Mini-B as I use the hole for the pencil string; however I added two holes to allow me to screw down the base for the Mini Palm. I have circled these holes also and the base for the Palm can be seen in position on the other photo. My plan at this stage is to attached the mounting with 3mm screws and nuts, but my preference would be to use a 3mm screw and thumb nut to allow for simple installation in the field thus keep the deck slim when packed.



Mini-B with 4-40 unc thumb screw and blacks plastic washer

When using the deck with the MTR I still use one of the holes to hold down the Mini-B but I will add a couple of holes to allow me to screw down the base for the Palm paddle next to the MTR. Whilst the elastic band will hold it in place I prefer the firmer feel the screwed down base provides.

5 thoughts on “SOTA Beams Flight Deck with ATS, MTR and two different keys.

  1. Hello Warren
    I enjoy reading your blog and your experiences with the EFH wave length antenna. The Mini-B paddle looks interesting. I use an FT817 and therefore have not needed the SOTA beams Flight Deck but does the paddle have a magnet? It is too small to be let loose! I note your comment about it having a firmer feel when it is screwed down.
    Well done.

    John D

  2. Hi John,
    Thanks for the feedback, the blog is a great way to share information that is often too hard to explain on radio.
    As for the Mini-B no magnets AME do have a few options including leg mount for their keys.
    The Palm series do come with magnets and are also have the travel shell to slide back into.
    73, Warren.

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    • Thanks for dropping by.
      Good luck with your plans, there are plenty of options for field operations, plus everyone has a different operating style. Even mine had changed over the years, hmm might be time for another post on the subject.
      73, Warren.

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