Wilsons Prom National Park VKFF-539 and Sparkes Lookout, vk3/vt-079, 19th July 2014


Starting Point

A hike in the Northern section of The Prom had been planned for some time, I had also hopped to visit a few SOTA peaks on this trip but the ban on off track walking permits meant that any activation would be invalid.

Since the planned walk would have two short days I felt it was worth carrying radio gear with a view to getting the 44 contacts required to qualify the parks for the WWFF. The only drawback was this was a mid week trip, but with the popularity of WWFF in the EU and being their Summer holidays I felt I was still in with a chance.


MTR, SLT+, Palm Single and SOTA Beams Flight Deck. At Johnny Souey Cove

In short the WWFF activation was a flop, without the ability to Spot easily (like the SOTA Watch page provides), it was endless calls and no answer.


Looking East on the Five Mile Road

The SOTA activation was always a maybe, we were spending two nights in Tidal River after the walk so after a bit of discussion I left my walking companions to do the shopping and I head off to Sparkes Look Out.


MTR and Palm Single, Great name for a SOTA summit


It was a great spot to operate with a great view, just wish I had taken photos first rather than waiting until I was packed up as the rain then reappeared somewhat hiding the view.

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