Two Days in the Victorian Alps December 2015

A two day seven summit trip in the Victorian Alps.


Left, unnamed (vk3/ve-023) Right, The Twins (vk3/ve-017)


The one is just east of Mt Freezeout, like the activators before me I parked at the picnic area just south of Mt Freezeout. It’s a little bit of a scrub bash up to the top of Mt Freezeout but from there it easing going across the saddle to the summit. As suggested by previous activators this is the best route to take.


Mt Table Top vk3/ve-028

Mt Blue Rag vk3/ve-021.

This summit is only about 600m off the Blue Rag Range track, whilst there is a track going over the summit, the first section has seen a lot of traffic and has some very deep wheel ruts. I can however recommend the walk it a lovely walk and only a short distance to the summit.

Blue Rag Range vk3/ve-015.

The track out to the trig point on the Blue Rag Range is in two parts, the first section is open all year round and sees a good amount of traffic, and I suspect this could be a hard trip in the wet. There is also a steep section where I found it easier to use low range on the 4wd. The section from the seasonal gate is in better condition (less traffic) it does have a couple of steep sections but they are shorter. The track follows the top of the ridge and does not have a lot of places to park, so one always hopes there is not someone coming the opposite way. See note below on Seasonal closuers


Blue Rag Range

The Twins vk3/ve-017.

I had visited this summit before and with an early start it was a steady walk up from where I parked the car on The Twins Jeep track (grid 043032)


Old vehicle track up to The Twins


Once again I parked at the saddle between this summit and the Twins, from here it seems straight up, I followed the odd marker for the AAWT to the top. Whilst the contours are kinder approaching from the “west” there is nowhere to park on the The Twins jeep track near the saddle which is about 1 km from this summit

Mt Murray vk3/ve-025,

I followed the Twins Jeep track down to the locked gate to about 100m from Mt Murray. There is a nice open area here which would be suitable for an overnight camp.


Its not all about radios, A mix of Alpine Blooms


This one was missed last time I visited this area with Allen vk3hra, I followed the Twins track back to the seasonal closure gate at the junction with Mt Murray Logging Road. The track from here is in good conditions and clearly sees less use than the main tracks. There are few steep sections and I did use low range but the surface of the track is good and I had no problems. The track crosses a small saddle at (grid 966004) this spot has plenty of room to turn the car around and park off the track.

From here I returned to the junction with the Mt Murray Logging Road, following that until it meets the Selwyn Ck Track and onto Porepunkah.

Update 16th Dec 2015.

Seasonal road closures;

The Dargo High Plains road closure is managed by VicRoads. Reading their web site it is closed for the snow season, this is to prevent people bypassing the toll booth regardless of snow cover. So I expect that it will close just prior to the June long weekend and reopen in early October.

The track closures are managed by Parks Vic, generally their closures run from the June long weekend to the Thursday before Melbourne Cup day in November. This means it is possible to drive to the locked gate on the Blue Rag Range track, from when the Dargo road is reopened.

2 thoughts on “Two Days in the Victorian Alps December 2015

  1. Some very familiar hiking country, which I should revisit. I very much like the alpine blooms photo, it is often these flowers which you walk past and take little time for, yet they are part of what makes the high country a special place.

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