Tinkers Lookout vk7/nw-046, and WWFF Rocky Cape NP vkff-0432 Feb 2016

When the boss called to tell me I was off to Tassie (VK7) the first thing I did use the Local Sites Tool on Parks and Peaks to check the SOTA and WWFF opportunities.

Postie’s Pass

Work would have me in VK7’s North West Association and looking at the map, plus which summits had been activated before I felt that Tinkers Lookout vk7/nw-046 would be the best Peak and with it also residing in the Rocky Cape National Park, VKFF-0432 would also work for the WWFF.

The Summit

After posting on the VK SOTA Yahoo group I was joined by local Steve vk7cw.
The walk up took us a little over an hour and the open summit provides good views.

View West

I would recommended this summit and park as a great one for any visitor to Tassie.

4 thoughts on “Tinkers Lookout vk7/nw-046, and WWFF Rocky Cape NP vkff-0432 Feb 2016

    • Thanks Andrew,
      Photos are always a challenge, luckily the modern camera takes a good photo, even with my help 🙂
      This section of the NW Tassie coast is lovely, I would also suggest a visit to Boat Harbor bay, and The Nut, which at 149m is a bit too small for SOTA, but maybe if every visitor carried up one rock….

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  2. I visited the Rocky Cape NP in 2001, pre SOTA of course, I hope to get back there one day and yes, I’ll take my rock up to the Nut in Stanley. 73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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