Miss Mosquito 40m CW transceiver

After a stop start build, the Miss Mosquito 40 cw transceiver from QRPproject is working.

With the addition of a Freq-Mite from Four States QRP (left) and a Simple Keyer from QRP Kits (right) it is ready to install in its case.

Whilst mono-band transceivers have their limitations for Parks and SOTA, I felt the unique design with the FM receiver chip and its Varactor tuned VFO nicely complemented my other rigs.


5 thoughts on “Miss Mosquito 40m CW transceiver

  1. Hi Warren, I’ve seen this project and it looked interesting. being of German origin is had a few differences to the usual designs. How does it perform? Is it drift-y? What’s the power output on CW? How are you going to box it up for the summits? 73 DE VK3HN

    • Hi Paul,
      I have only used it a few times (spread out on the bench) to work a couple of sota stations. Reports have been all ok. Drift wise naturally there is a little at first turn on, but I have not run any detailed analysis against a reliable bit of test gear, so with limited testing appears it to be ok.

      The transmitter power is a bit more complex, the manual claims 5w, but does not specify at what voltage within the quoted range of 10 – 14 volts. So at 14v yes I get 5W, I have it running at 12v and around 3W.
      The manual does provide a TX current measurement at 12.5V (and 2W) and to be honest I have not check closely enough but mine would be near that. Plus to further complicate things the adjustment of C51 is very soft and seems to have not real peak. So plan from here is to get the enclosure sorted and more accurately measure some currents, equally I am happy enough with 3W as it matches the power I generally run for SOTA.

      The enclosure is the easy bit, I purchased the un-built kit from a VK ham and it came with the “hardware kit” so the picture on the web is roughly how it will look.

      As for taking it to the field, I mainly do walk in summits and I don’t see the point in lugging a single band rig, but for drive in camping trips, then yes it and my DSW-30 will get a run for the fun of it.
      73, Warren.

      • Thanks for explaining Warren. It sounds fine as a monobander, and I agree, carrying in 1 band is limiting. Chasers expect to have a go at digging you out on at least one band. 3 are better! The difference between 3w and 5w is insignificant in communications terms, particularly with CW and a decent antenna. Most of these kits including the QCX are monobanders, I think there’s a real need for an affordable 3 band CW only rig, say, 80, 40 and 20, that would satisfy most SOTA activators and chasers and wouldn’t be that much more difficult to kit up, build or debug. The MTRs do 3 to 4 bands but they are always short runs and end up being pricey.

        73 Paul VK3HN

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