Mt Glenrowan, vk3/ve-230, 2nd March 2014

Mt Glenrowan is a summit I have visited many times over the years, however this was only the second time I have done a SOTA activation here.
As the number of SOTA participants and Associations increase in VK there has been an increasing number of stations willing to work the CW activator. This resulted in my first real pile up!, well maybe not a real pile up but I had answered one station and a second assumed I had answered them, Certainly a first for me 🙂 This confusion was compounded by an issue with the dit paddle not working and needing to change key when I went to answer the first station.

In the end I work 11 stations on 40m, none on 20m and one of the VK2’s I worked on 40 also worked me on 30m. Interestingly their signal on 30m was 3s points better than 40m.


Mt Glenrowan, vk3/ve-230, 17th March 2013

For my second activation I selected the local summit of Mt Glenrowan VK3/VE-230. Mt Glenrowan is not a very high summit but it does provide interesting views. The views south to Benalla and east across the Ovens Valley to the Alps are uninterrupted. Another plus is Mt Glenrowan is within the Warby Ovens National park so it also counts towards the KRMNPA


The Start

From the car park / picnic area at Taminick Gap it is a fairly easy walk to the summit along a dirt track. For the radio mind the walk takes you past one large radio site and finishes at the radio site at Mt Glenrowan its self,


Operating Position

Once again I chose to do a CW only activation with the same gear as my first trip.

I made 6 contacts on 40m and this time I was lucky to have vk5cz reply to my CQ on 20m (I had already worked him on 40).