The Hump, vk3/ve-019, Mt Buffalo National Park, 21st Sept 2013

With the good weather and the lure of bonus points The Hump was an easy choice for a pleasant day out.


View from the road, The Hump is on the left

This summit is an easy short walk off the road, and when activated whilst there is still snow about a simple matter of following you footsteps back. Unfortunately the snow is a doubled edge sword, because on the way back it had softened up and  a few times I found myself sinking into the drift.


Contacts were all made on 40m this trip and included a Summit to Summit with Tony vk3cat who was out on vk3/vn-004.



End Fed Half Wave with The Horn in the background

I can highly recommend The Hump for the SOTA activator, access is easy the views are great plus it also counts towards the Keith Roget National Park Award.