vk3/ve-154, Mt Lawson, vk3/ve-129, 27 and 28th April 2013

Thanks to those stations that came up on CW and allowed me to qualify two more summits on CW.


Sign of thing to come

 VK3/VE-154 as expected was a bit of a scrub bash from the road. The first 750m or so I followed the Conic Range lookout track, after that it was the standard issue SOTA wall of green. This was made up with 2m high saplings, fallen timber at trip height and enough vines to bind it all together. Once at the summit there was plenty of space to set up the station.


View from Conic Lookout

 By comparison Mt Lawson VK3/VE-129 was an easy short walk from the car park/picnic area which had me on top and on air in no time. I was lucky enough to qualify the summit before UTC midnight so for the new day I came up on SSB and like the day before worked my way through the pile up. Thanks to the other two activators that qsy’d to work me and give me my first S2S contact.


View from Mt Lawson track

This was the first outing for the SSB rig an ILER-40 by EA3GCY http://ea3gcy.blogspot.com.es/ and I was very pleased with its performance.