VK8 Trip


Over the space of seven days I activated four WWFF parks in the Northern Territory (VK8).


Kakadu, VKFF-0252, timing meant I would activate this one at 1800 local time. Band conditions of 20mx, whilst being open I struggled to compete with the strong JA and EU stations. I ended up on 40mx where I was able to work some of the regulars in southern VK. I operated in Jabiru, which like some areas of the park has good phone signal.


Nitmiluk, VKFF-0390, I had two goes here, one during the day at Edith Falls, band conditions on the day meant that 14 and 18 MHz were the best, but with fickle phone coverage and being a working day I had no joy.

Armed with my success at Kakadu, I activated from the Katherine Gorge at 2100 local, this plus excellent phone coverage allowed me to work into Southern VK again. I did not try the higher bands due to time constants


Litchfield VKFF-0289, this was a failed activation, no phone coverage, on air during working hours, meant do contacts. A weekend activation with clear Alert times would be best for this park.


Charles Darwin VKFF-0095 this is a great park for radio, the picnic area is big enough to get away from others, but offer’s no play area for children. This one was activated during the weekend and naturally had great phone coverage, so here my only enemy was finding a band that was open with chasers, 18 and 21 MHz were the best on the day.

Flying provides some restrictions on the carrying of batteries, so to keep it simple I used the Ni-Zn’s in a AA size, these slip straight into the ‘817 and purchased some Alkaline AA’s for back up.

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